Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hanging From Grace

Hanging from Grace
6 x 8
Mixed Media

Friday, February 26, 2010


FancySmancyStarbucks (Chicago)
Mixed Media

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A World of Globes

A World of Globes
6 x 8
Mixed Media

I saw these vivid/brilliant colorful globes in a window during a stroll down Michigan Avenue-the globes were absolutely stunning. Of course, I had to create it again in my own vision and to recall the memory of the beautiful journey I had in Chicago. TYSVMJD!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On My Shelf - Twitter Inspiring

Well, let me introduce you to the Twitter Inspiring group. I think the title speaks for itself. Talk about a "mixed bag", this is definitely one. But that's the way I like it. All mumble jumble....spewing out "a la difference" for me. This group range from Artisians->Artists->businesses->to everyday people who have a gift of gab.
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Chicago Is...

On a positive note......Chicago Is....ART, love, inspiring, exhilarating, uplifting, culturally diverse, my kind of town,The Loop, Michigan Avenue, The Windy City, The Chicago Hawk, Navy Pier, skyscrapers, Els, Chicago Bulls, The Second City, Oprah, Filene's Basement, The Chicago Tribune....moving to its own unique increments of time....creating it's own movement...
(A color photo [taken back in January] which I reduced to a black and white. Color added to two key features - THE CLOCK AND THE WALK LIGHT= TIME AND MOVEMENT.)
Chicago Is
Mixed Media

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Willie Wonka

I actually created this from a photo shared with me from the Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory show that was held at the Boiler Room Theater. It was a color photograph and I also put it in a frame as an added touch. Unfortunately, I did not get to see this particular show but knowing the actor who played the lead, I have no doubt that the show was a hit. In fact I believe it received rave reviews. This actor is absolutely a true talent, an accomplished gifted pianist. and the owner of the BRT. He is such a pleasant individual and often directs most of the shows. I'm sure he brought "Willie Wonka" to life and to a new height. His entire family are theater lovers and everyone enjoys knowing them.

Willie Wonka
4 x 6
Mixed Media

Running Water Doesn't Freeze, Really????

This was another photo taken while I was in Chicago back in January. I always heard that running water doesn't freeze - well, I stood at the bridge and watched flowing water...and the chunks of ice within it. So much for that theory...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Me and Mr. Lego and WHO IS SHE?

On my trip to Chicago back in January, I strolled in the very very cold weather up Michigan Avenue. Tried to show I could hang with the best of them. It was so cold you literally cried involuntary. Ran into a small mall to get warm and browse around. It was a huge mall area basically dedicated to an anchor store which I cannot think of at the moment but yes, I believe it was Nordstrom. On the second level, I noticed these Lego people sitting on the benches and I just had to get a photo. While I sat down by Mr. Lego, it was obvious that Mrs. Lego was a bit miffed. Ah, it's still all about the Art!!! Artistically yours, &^]^&

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On My Shelf -Small Bits of Me

Thought it would be fun to put some of my artwork on the photoshelf and VOILA! It is done! Some of these are found in their original larger formats on this blog in my archives. The "book shelf ends" in the middle shelf is not something I created. It is a part of my shelf. I do find them complimentary. :-))

On My Shelf - Twitter Amazing

Here lies my Twitter Amazing group! Such a varied group from many different areas of interest. AMAZING people from all walks of life who share a common bond=Twitter. Hmm...I should be a marketer I guess, huh? NOT! :-) But then again, you never know. These people bring good things to life. Hey, I know you've heard that somewhere. But it's true! Connect with them and find out.

First Shelf:
Raj_R - Blog: Raj_R - Editor/TechnoBuzz {Special Thanks to Raj for the Google gift!!}
CreateandInvent - Blog:CreateandInvent - Handmade Arts and Crafts
jennlblake (Nashville) - Blog: jennlblake - model/actress
Second Shelf:
PynkRoseDesigns - Blog: PynkRoseDesigns - Hand Beaded Jewelry
jgouveia - Blog: jgouveia -
Abstract Artist/Painter

mlomb - Social Media/Mobile App Designer -
Third Shelf:
Sptzllama - Blog: Sptzllama - Art
ForeverSerenity - Blog: ForeverSerenity - wife/mom/blogger
theartscompany (Nashville) - Blog:
theartscompany - contemporary art gallery
Fourth Shelf:
cherryblossomin - Blog: cherryblossomin - Vintage Treasures/ETSY
nytimesphoto - Blog: nytimesphoto - photography/video
PosyMoe - Blog: PosyMoe - Handmade Knits, Felts, Dyes

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Rose is.......

I did this little sketch early Sunday morning (Valentine's Day) and had planned to share it with my friends but was caught up with other matters which kept me super busy and hustling around for a Valentine event that evening. Might I say the event received a very good review. ^J^

A Rose is....
5 x7
Mixed Media
A Rose is....whatever you want it to be emotionally....

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

February 14, 2010 - Hand Made Menus & Venue

Upcoming Valentine Event this weekend, and dare I say it? Yes, she (daughter) roped me into another one! :-) We created these menus for the dinner for the event. Might I say the menu (of which I will not be doing the cooking) sounds delicious. We will be handling all decorations for the venue - hope to get a photo of the actual finished table to share here. We also are to stuff 40 red with white ribbon bags filled with chocolate to be placed at each seat. The colors to used at the venue are black, white and red. There are to be 10 tables - about 50 people.

Addendum: The event was a huge success and a lot of work!!!! Food was D-Lish and everyone gave wonderful compliments on the entire affair.

Monday, February 08, 2010


Some of the most passionate (about life, friendships, poetry, art, life, technology, animal rights, and controversial...even....) Twitter people around. As you know by now, I have a die hard love for the Arts!! Did you know? :-) I possess a great love of so many other interests as well, thus, the title for me "Eclectic" artist. I just can't seem to stay in one spot. Always creating something whether by choice or wrangled into my daughter's projects which is so often.
These individuals are a joy to follow! A side note re: @tweetclean - who is the epitome of the proper way to tweet! :-)
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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Got Snow?

From watching the news channels/stations today, Washington, Baltimore, Virginia, Pennsylvania and many more states were severely hit with big time snow. Washington, DC alone got 2 feet of snow. And here I was complaining about last week's 4-6 inches here. I should know better I grew up in VA. I know what's it like to have snow drifts which prevented us from being able to get out the front door. I really feel for all the snow blizzard bound people, it's not easy....snow is beautiful when falling and untouched....bittersweet! But most of all, stay warm but most of all ....BE CAREFUL - STAY SAFE!


YES, here are my TWITTER SPECIAL group. Individuals for causes, artists, crafters, designers, web design people with purpose and heart. I enjoy meeting new and interesting people and networking to cross mingle with those who share the same interests or to experience new ones. These individuals are all super worthy of following!

First Shelf:
@lubzi - Blog: lubzi-Artist
@mllyssa - Blog: mllyssa-Art
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Saturday Morning

I woke up around 4:00am - sleepless nights these days! I was feeling a bit haggard yet I began to sketch. How odd I'm thinking that this sketch was of a guy when drawing. But overall he embodies my physically run down feeling......on this Saturday morning! [At least I have a chance to get rejuvenated...sorry for the guy in sketch... (^o^)]

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Here they are - TWITTER MAGICAL! These are the individuals who are magical by their own right and some are old dear friends- ranging from-to accomplished fine artists, artisians/crafters, IT, activists-heroes of causes, and entertainers. The wonderful world of Twitter brings so many diverse groups of people crossing many paths forming long term bonds. A lesson to be well learned.
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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Here are two more results of my crazed winter cold/snowy nights when I can't sleep (but should try to anyway) and "please calm me down" cozies. They were both made from felt, hand-made/stitched and coupled with a cup of hot chocolate made for a good time! The top one has snaps on the inside and brads on the outside pouch and top fold.
This bottom cozy has snaps under each of the buttons with two types of stitching crossing each other. They feel so warm. I think I'm going to add a thin hand-sewn strap of some sort to each of them. Will post photos of them as well.

I'm working on a painting in between this and it is a slow process as I'm working on many things at the moment which distracts from the painting but it will be completed along with everything else.