Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Saturday Morning Jaunt with My Daughter

Last Saturday around 6:30 AM, my daughter and I got the itch to travel to a place on Highway 100 in TN that is very famous for it's scrumptious breakfast {biscuits and yes, fried chicken]. The name of the place is "The Loveless Cafe." Celebrities from all over the US have traveled to this quaint eatery and their autographed photos drape the walls. I remember when Al Roker from NBC Today Show was there years ago. He was ecstatic. The "Biscuit Lady" [the late Carol Fay] made the biscuits from scratch, became super famous and was featured on the Martha Stewart Show. Unfortunately, she died suddenly but she is paid homage all over the grounds of the Loveless Cafe amid the unique artsy outdoor shops and pit BBQ. I did have the pleasure of taking a photo with Carol Fay - she was a very special individual. As you will read, the Loveless Cafe used to be a hotel many years ago. It has been remodeled but travelers still come from all over the US to dine. And, best not to be in a hurry.. heh heh.... It is a worthy experience.
As my daughter and I traveled on this road early AM, there was very heavy fog{as you note from the photo - 611 x 622] which made the journey so peaceful and serene. All was right with the world... It was beautiful. I saw golfers playing in the mist along the way. I had to capture the moment for we will always remember.....

A Tree in the Mist

This is a graphic sketch 544 x 408 of an actual tree in the fog that my daughter and I saw along the way to the Loveless Cafe for early AM breakfast. There were golfers in the distance on carts but it seemed they were moving in slow motion. Again, it was surreal like a dream. FOG creates a mystical presence.

The Smiling Drummer was Framed

This is a finger drawing [graphic art - 320 x 480] of a drummer friend which I created with a mobile app on my Ipod Touch (I love doing these from time-to-time). He has been a professional drummer and photographer for many years with an fascinating photography collection of celebs, musicians, singers, etc. He possesses a disconcerting smile that is so contagious and has a mound of curly hair which I found tempting to over emphasize while sketching. ..[He has not seen this btw......"grin."]

Screwing Around

Okay...Okay...that's what I've been doing for months..."Screwing Around" [procrastinating and shrugging off the very love of my life...ART]
[320 x 428] and hand-made projects!! LOL...But I'm motivated and forging no more of that....