Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Here are two more results of my crazed winter cold/snowy nights when I can't sleep (but should try to anyway) and "please calm me down" cozies. They were both made from felt, hand-made/stitched and coupled with a cup of hot chocolate made for a good time! The top one has snaps on the inside and brads on the outside pouch and top fold.
This bottom cozy has snaps under each of the buttons with two types of stitching crossing each other. They feel so warm. I think I'm going to add a thin hand-sewn strap of some sort to each of them. Will post photos of them as well.

I'm working on a painting in between this and it is a slow process as I'm working on many things at the moment which distracts from the painting but it will be completed along with everything else.

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