Sunday, January 31, 2010


TWITTER FANTASTIC individuals, who are heart and soul, warm inner spirits, encouraging, witty, great conversationalists and down-to-earth. Here they are along with their blog links which reveals their true talents.

First Shelf:

@CDominiqueG (Nashville) - Blog:CDominique
@blogbrevity - Blog: blogbrevity
@thetrudz - Blog: thetrudz
Second Shelf:
@Guy_Vincent - Blog: Guy Vincent
My Twitter Finger Art piece
@EnterdaTainment - Model/Entertainer

Third Shelf:

YeleHaiti.Org - Blog Yele Haiti
@AlissaFereday - Blog: AlissaFereday
@coffeetablepoet - coffeetablepoet
Fourth Shelf:
@nibblesandbits - Haikuist
@heyyumsugar - Blog: heyyumsugar
@JuliaRosien - Blog: Julia Rosen

Cold Nights, Snowy days and MORE FELT

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had been doodling around with felt during these cold wintry snowy days and creating some little hand-sewn/stitched little cozies and pouches - whatever comes to mind. Made this little one for myself...for my ear buds, my ipod shuffle and what other ldiddies. Thought I would put a smile on my face by putting a Twitter bird on the front (cut it out of felt with scissors while looking at a twitter icon) and a last name on the back! I got a big laugh out of this one but also a huge :-)!


On MY SHELF today, please meet my "TWITTER MARVELOUS" tweeple. These individuals stir my soul through their inspirational messages, dedication to causes, artwork, graphic design, marketing, and laughter abound. I look forward to their tweets and to their humor-FIND THEM ON TWITTER and you can see for yourself! You can't go wrong! I have listed them below along with those who have blogs :-))

First Shelf:
@RasTommy (Nashville) -Blog:RasTommy

Second Shelf:
Third Shelf:
Fourth Shelf:

Snowy Nights, Bitter Cold and FELT


During the holidays, I gave one of my sisters a USB/FM/MP3 players which caused her to jump for joy {She's not quite ready for an Ipod, Zune, etc. yet and I'm not ready for the $$$ HA! :-)} She does landscaping (and very artistic as well - sssshhh... she crafted (hand drawn) the entire Charlie Brown Christmas scene out of wood on her lawn even knitting the caps and scarves. It was AWESOME! Lots of traffic just to see it.) Anyway, since the weather has been so cold and recently with the arrival of snow, during my sleepless nights, instead of
painting...I have been working with FELT just to see what results. On that NOTE ,I made a small pouch/cozy for her player and ear buds. I put her name on the front trailing with a small red glass heart, a large black button sewn to snaps for closure and a music note on the back. I'm mailing it to her this week - it will be a surprise. Hope she enjoys it! :0) (Finally, added a ribbon strap so that she can hang it around her neck for convenience)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Twitter Fabulous

On MY FIRST SHELF. TWITTER FABULOUS - Here are some of the Twitter people who made an initial mark/impression upon me. There are many more tweeple I have met and of course I will be sharing those but these are some of the people I first encountered and who were my magnets. These individuals possess such strength in their profession, are super talented, driven, multi-faceted, dynamic AND still know how to smile and laugh! They are truly REAL!!!! If you're ever on TWITTER be sure and check them out. - MEET MY TWITTER FABULOUS!!!! I honestly didn't realize I was among STARS!! ;-))) (I have added their blog links below just to share their depth, truth, vision and just themselves!)

First Shelf:
@mjjaaska -Blog: mjjaaska
@TracyeDukes -Blog: TracyeDukes
@ThriveInBalance -Blog: ThriveInBalance
Second Shelf:
@AmyPredsfan -Blog: AmyPredsfan
My twitter finger art drawing
@josieinthecity -Blog: josieinthecity

Red Strawberry in Letters/Words

More play on the "Letters/Words" used in art. This little finger sketch was created with letters/words and then filled in with color. I think it's cool that the letters/words make the strawberry look as if there are little black beads are all over. These little sketches are mostly for fun and exercise but again, I enjoy them as my creativity continues to be fueled.

Twitter Shelf - WonderfulWomenWednesday

This is my appreciation for being considered part of the #WonderfulWomenWednesday which was bestowed upon me by @josieinthecity on Twitter. I have the pleasure of being among these talented and gifted females on Twitter and recently joined their Twitter sites. This is my small way of humbly saying "THANK YOU JOSIE" and I hope you and all the ladies enjoy - First Shelf: @ShoeSmitten, @candita, @Daily_Pinch, - Middle: @josieinthecity, Third Shelf: @paigeaqha, @carriehasson, @AdonBates, Fourth Shelf: @misssweetsugar, @DebbieBarth, and @abbyharenberg

I had mentioned a little while back on this blog that I would be creating new ART photo shelves (even more relating to Twitter as well) and you are looking at the beginning of many to come in various aspects. I hope you will check back to see the new works!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Flower in White Lettering/White Framing

"Flower in White Lettering" (finger sketch)
4 x 6

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hand Made/Hand Stitched Bookmarks

My ever loving daughter recently sprung, well, let's say, posed to me :-) last Thursday that her book club was meeting and inquired if she (daughter) could create bookmarks for their first meeting. (We have a small business that we create gift baskets, gourmet apples, artsy, crafty items, etc.) My daughter approached me about creating them since she was in preparation for the BAR in late February - likely excuse! HA!! :-)) Anyway,I took on the project and these photos depict my finished products. The ladies had chosen particular colors they wanted to use - purple and black. I incorporated small black beads or black buttons on the ends, used buttons for the centers of the flowers as well as various shades of purple crystal pieces with black and purple ribbon. I started late afternoon last Thursday, hand stitching the entire pieces and finished Saturday morning. It was tedious work but a pensive relaxing time with most bookmarks having about 4-5 attachments sewn to each. I really enjoyed making them and loved the raves I received from the group. (I packaged them in a clear box and tied a black ribbon around it - the group thought the bookmarks had been purchased! HA!!) Just goes to always show, when you make it from your heart, the value can be unattainable. :-)) [LUV to the ladies in the book club - they made my day!]

Monday, January 04, 2010


Another Twitter Art drawing (of course using my fingers as also the one previously posted). Easy to create various Twitter birds than with other social network logos/icons. One of the main reasons to play with it to reach out to the many variations to be created.


I enjoy creating little Twitter creations in the midst of the my other artwork - it's quick and whimsical but more diverse art work to come.