Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On My Shelf - Twitter Amazing

Here lies my Twitter Amazing group! Such a varied group from many different areas of interest. AMAZING people from all walks of life who share a common bond=Twitter. Hmm...I should be a marketer I guess, huh? NOT! :-) But then again, you never know. These people bring good things to life. Hey, I know you've heard that somewhere. But it's true! Connect with them and find out.

First Shelf:
Raj_R - Blog: Raj_R - Editor/TechnoBuzz {Special Thanks to Raj for the Google gift!!}
CreateandInvent - Blog:CreateandInvent - Handmade Arts and Crafts
jennlblake (Nashville) - Blog: jennlblake - model/actress
Second Shelf:
PynkRoseDesigns - Blog: PynkRoseDesigns - Hand Beaded Jewelry
jgouveia - Blog: jgouveia -
Abstract Artist/Painter

mlomb - Social Media/Mobile App Designer -
Third Shelf:
Sptzllama - Blog: Sptzllama - Art
ForeverSerenity - Blog: ForeverSerenity - wife/mom/blogger
theartscompany (Nashville) - Blog:
theartscompany - contemporary art gallery
Fourth Shelf:
cherryblossomin - Blog: cherryblossomin - Vintage Treasures/ETSY
nytimesphoto - Blog: nytimesphoto - photography/video
PosyMoe - Blog: PosyMoe - Handmade Knits, Felts, Dyes


  1. Thank you so much, I am honored!

  2. Thank you @PosyMoe (Angela)for your comment and it was my pleasure. I do enjoy your tweets and your website.