Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Twitter Shelf - WonderfulWomenWednesday

This is my appreciation for being considered part of the #WonderfulWomenWednesday which was bestowed upon me by @josieinthecity on Twitter. I have the pleasure of being among these talented and gifted females on Twitter and recently joined their Twitter sites. This is my small way of humbly saying "THANK YOU JOSIE" and I hope you and all the ladies enjoy - First Shelf: @ShoeSmitten, @candita, @Daily_Pinch, - Middle: @josieinthecity, Third Shelf: @paigeaqha, @carriehasson, @AdonBates, Fourth Shelf: @misssweetsugar, @DebbieBarth, and @abbyharenberg

I had mentioned a little while back on this blog that I would be creating new ART photo shelves (even more relating to Twitter as well) and you are looking at the beginning of many to come in various aspects. I hope you will check back to see the new works!

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  1. Thank you for the mention. I've been tweeting with Josie for a while now and I find her suggestions of fellow tweeps to be fabulous finds! Happy tweeting in 2010!