Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowy Nights, Bitter Cold and FELT


During the holidays, I gave one of my sisters a USB/FM/MP3 players which caused her to jump for joy {She's not quite ready for an Ipod, Zune, etc. yet and I'm not ready for the $$$ HA! :-)} She does landscaping (and very artistic as well - sssshhh... she crafted (hand drawn) the entire Charlie Brown Christmas scene out of wood on her lawn even knitting the caps and scarves. It was AWESOME! Lots of traffic just to see it.) Anyway, since the weather has been so cold and recently with the arrival of snow, during my sleepless nights, instead of
painting...I have been working with FELT just to see what results. On that NOTE ,I made a small pouch/cozy for her player and ear buds. I put her name on the front trailing with a small red glass heart, a large black button sewn to snaps for closure and a music note on the back. I'm mailing it to her this week - it will be a surprise. Hope she enjoys it! :0) (Finally, added a ribbon strap so that she can hang it around her neck for convenience)

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