Monday, January 18, 2010

Hand Made/Hand Stitched Bookmarks

My ever loving daughter recently sprung, well, let's say, posed to me :-) last Thursday that her book club was meeting and inquired if she (daughter) could create bookmarks for their first meeting. (We have a small business that we create gift baskets, gourmet apples, artsy, crafty items, etc.) My daughter approached me about creating them since she was in preparation for the BAR in late February - likely excuse! HA!! :-)) Anyway,I took on the project and these photos depict my finished products. The ladies had chosen particular colors they wanted to use - purple and black. I incorporated small black beads or black buttons on the ends, used buttons for the centers of the flowers as well as various shades of purple crystal pieces with black and purple ribbon. I started late afternoon last Thursday, hand stitching the entire pieces and finished Saturday morning. It was tedious work but a pensive relaxing time with most bookmarks having about 4-5 attachments sewn to each. I really enjoyed making them and loved the raves I received from the group. (I packaged them in a clear box and tied a black ribbon around it - the group thought the bookmarks had been purchased! HA!!) Just goes to always show, when you make it from your heart, the value can be unattainable. :-)) [LUV to the ladies in the book club - they made my day!]

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