Monday, August 25, 2008

Fence and Bucket (My Finished Piece)

Fence and Bucket - Pencil "8 x 11"
Warm ups always a good thing!! Remembering to "draw what you see"
Just learn to see it -I still am...learning...everyday!


  1. back to the basics! :) this reminds me of my own sketchbook and trying to sketch everyday items.

    i was relatively decent in sketching potraits. one day my maths professor saw my sketchbook and wanted me to draw his class!!! ...while he was teaching!!! lol.

    and no i didn't take any notes that day cause i was too busy staring at his face! lol.

  2. WHERE IS YOUR SKETCHBOOK??? Lemme see...LEMME see.....

    LOL....I can imagine...that a face mixed with Words.... :-)))))