Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Chorus Line within A Chorus Line

This is a graphic I created in 2001 using an actual photo we took of the actors in "A Chorus Line" at the Boiler Room Theater and then I focused on each actor individually creating another he/she in my own vision of a graphic character by hand drawing on the computer with my mouse - it's almost as if the REAL actors are looking down at their ART counterparts. A lof of work was involved here and quite tedious- BUT - I have treasured this piece so much!

Graphic '640 x 480'


  1. wow! i love this! seems like a lot of technical effort and hard work was put into it. totally paid off. im still amazed you 'drew' the characters in the bottom row.

  2. Yeah. this was definitely a LABOR OF LOVE..not to mention the PAIN IN MY RIGHT HAND!!! LOL