Friday, April 22, 2016

So I'm Back...What took me so long?

Been a while since I have been blogging. I think I wanted to come back to it because I have grown older and so many stories to tell and artwork to share. Taking a look around there is so much to clean up here and to find my way around again but most of all, so much conversation to share from my thoughts and daily sights in life. The simplest of things bring many memories and stories, as I said before, back to me. And, as I continue on my journey through this life, Let Me Tell You A Story to share along with my art.

I started this blog wayyyy back and got side-tracked for many reasons. It was difficult to begin and why today, I am doing so, I cannot say but interestingly enough....

Yesterday, one of the most "phenomenalistic" (and yes, I made that word up) individuals in the music industry passed away = PRINCE. His death has affected me profoundly with sadness and tears (GONE TOO SOON) yet it has lit a strong urge in me to get moving again - leave my voice and art out here, if only to appease me. This will be fine (and though you cannot see me at this moment, I am smiling).

This is Day 1 again....I am still AnArtist@Heart always....

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