Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Season is a Season is a Season

Prelude:About a week ago, we had our first sample of SNOW and I do mean sample - didn’t even get a true inch here though some other areas in the state got as much as 8 inches.
As I stood in the doorway watching large flakes of snow fall to the ground the night before, I wondered if there would be enough to even realize that it had snowed at all upon wakening in the morning. Of course, the local weather stations were gearing us all for a big snow advisory SCARE (so typical of our forecasters). After watching the beautiful rhythm of the snow flakes dancing through the air that night, I woke up the following morning to see a mere dash of that white stuff aka SNOW barely clinging to the sidewalk, grassy areas and parking lot where I live. I thought about grabbing my camera but decided to wait just a little while before snapping that Kodak moment.

In about two hours I remembered that I had not taken a photo of the brief snow arrival so I decided to photograph the area out back (little did I know that the sun had already visited and the snow had begun to melt). Mind you there was still a residue of fallen leaves that had been raked up and ready to bag. When I looked out….I was amazed at what I saw - I could not have taken a more unique photo - Three seasons in one (Winter, Fall and Spring)!!! (By the way I will be getting those leaves out of the way…soon)… :0)


  1. Yeah! You're back!
    If we get any more snow here, I'll box it up and send it to you. We're pretty fed up with it, but it looks like we may have seen the last.
    It must be strange to see it so infrequently. I understand your appreciation of it.


  2. Yep....I'm here...been doing some other projects which I will share but I'm always here in spirit and coming back to ya!!! And thanks so much for checking on me...and the next time you see snow...hook me up!!! Got to catch up on your blog as well~~~