Monday, February 09, 2009

A Heart Awaits

A Heart Awaits
Photography/Mixed Media
8 x 6
The Story Behind The Photo:
For the past 2 years, my artsy daughter and I have created baskets/gifts for various holiday occasions (i.e., Valentine's Day, Easter, Mothers Day and other special occasions) including church fundraiser events, personal orders, etc. delivering to homes and even to nursing home residents. Most of the items gathered for the baskets are bought off season and stored away which saves on costs. Examples of contents are candies of various sorts, brownies, strawberry cupcakes, novelty items , stuffed animals, and her hand dipped Granny Smith apples in dark chocolate, caramel, white chocolate, pecans, walnuts, M&Ms, toffee, chocolate chip, butterscotch and the list goes on. She has branded her product - My Adam's Apples . I must admit it took a while but she has perfected her technique and they are delicious!
WE both really enjoy creativity and exploring new ideas but I must admit sometimes I am wrangled into projects without knowing but to be totally honest, as long as it's for a good cause, I easily bend and I'm in.
So, the above is a photo of the gift tags I created for the Valentine's Day Baskets/Gifts that are going out this week. These tags are made from card stock, ribbon, wire, foam cut outs, and magazines. After creating so many tags by hand and tossing them in a large gold bowl, the colors were so vibrant - I saw a possible artistic photo opportunity. ...
And, out there a heart waits for the gift/basket with one of these tags on this upcoming Valentine's Day....

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