Sunday, October 26, 2008


At a yearly art event held in one of the local parks, by chance, with a friend of mine, we met this elderly 70 year old man whom actually acknowledged he was a professional photographer from one of the northern states - somewhere around Pennsylvania or Boston. My friend was a photographer as well and of course, these two struck up a major conversation. This man had traveled around the world more than once and his amazing photography showed evidence of that and was displayed for sale. My friend grabbed his Nikon and took a photo of me standing behind the gentleman leaning on the back of his director's chair. Two weeks or so passed, and while rummaging through photos I ran across it. His weathered image inspired me to create a watercolor graphic (first photo) and then it was eventually transformed into a piece with the words "seedlings" running through the artwork (second photo).  It was titled "seedlings" because I believe we all come from basic seeds intermingled, scattered about and cross mixed keeping us one with the other. Though we were of two different cultures, we actually were not , only a degree of separation.

With a white mat and black shadow box type frame, it sold at an art show. 


  1. First, very interesting piece with beautiful colors. and Second I love the music!

  2. Thank you - it was kind of you to stop by and even moreso share your thoughts!