Wednesday, September 21, 2005


An Artist@Heart

This artwork is called "Touches of Peace." It's mixed media piece of watercolor, pencil and graphics. Inside the faces are all the countries of the world. I particularly enjoyed it as it expressed my heartfelt feelings regarding the world/earth and peace. We must begin to experience each other, realize and know, which gives us understanding and a journey toward PEACE. This artwork was displayed at a Holistic Growth Center and I am pleased to say it SOLD. I also hope that the message sells as well.


  1. This particular artwork is entitled "TOUCHES OF PEACE." The words are the names of every country in the world. The KISS brings them together in hopes of a touch for peace. It was recently displayed at a Holistic Growth Center and was SOLD!

  2. "TOUCHES OF PEACE" is mixed media - free hand sketch with watercolor. The piece is 16x20 on watercolor paper and matted. I did not take the photo of the piece and you will notice the person who did can be seen in the background. At first, I did not like that but after looking at it again, I think gives the piece an interesting effect.