Friday, October 28, 2005


HER - GRAPHIC 5" x 7" - She is noted for her HAT, her attitude and her style with black skin that glistens in the sun. She is an independent lady, strong, savvy, sensitive and emotional to fair play and "doing the right thing." Many attributes does she behold and an undying desire for PEACE somewhere in this life. Tenacity and persistence are key companions along with a kind heart and soothing presence. This is "HER."

Thursday, October 27, 2005


SOMETIMES U...We all have to take that stroll with ourselves, a mental health moment to dwelve into purpose and meaning but most of all perspective.


GRAPHIC 11" x 17"
The mind of a child and all the gears that constantly whirl - imagination and curiosity - always asking "WHY NOT?" So, yes, I can GATHER/CATCH some a net??


GREEN PERIOD - GRAPHIC 5' x 7" - Let's call this MY "GREEN PERIOD"....

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


UNTITLED..THUS FAR (Thumbnail) - WATERCOLOR 11" x 16" - Sometimes colors just blend together and create a warmth, emiting a good feeling - like a wonderful hug from a special person or a delicate kiss.


MY SHADOW (Thumbnail) - GRAPHIC 9" X 12" - Perdido Beach in 2004.

MAXING AND RELAXING (Thumbnail) - COLORED PENCIL 9" X 12" I enjoy drawing forms sitting and laying - provides ample room for detail. The human body is such a perfect structure! I reworked this piece and labeled it "Untitled." I entered it into an art show entitled "Where does it hurt?". To make the drawing in line with the theme, I did weave some gold thread through the piece giving the effect of injury. I use gold thread often in various art pieces.


A HUMBLE ATTEMPT - THE MASTER AND THE STUDENT - PENCIL 16" x 20" - This is my humblest attempt at a BASIC replication to the original drawing by one of the greatest masters - Leonardo Da Vinci- This is a link to the original drawing done by Leonardo - Neptune and Sea Horses.


SPIRITS IN JOURNEY - Watercolor 9" x 12" - The waterways of Thailand and the spirits who travel the same routes each day as part of the daily living and existence.


WOE is BLUE  - Watercolor 9" x 12" - This drawing represents many things to me. The attire of the woman reflects she is battered - note she wears an apron as well. I intentionally painted the bench BLUE with the worn/aged slats to show her pain, anger, frustration, and despair are being absorbed by the bench...leaving her with no color...lifeless...The reality is that this was an actual colored photo taken of a woman in Spokeane. I only drew and painted what I saw as an artist...simple but a stripped state of being.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


- A WORLD (Thumbnail) - Graphic 8" x 12" - Somewhere, out there, could be.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


- LE BEGINE (Thumbnail) - Graphic "9 x 12" - Shall we begin? The colors in this drawing are of two different aspects but tend to blend to an extraordinary venue.


- MY ROSE (Thumbail) - Graphic 11" x 14"
- FLOWER TOO (Thumbnail) - Graphic 9" x 12"
- FLOWER (Thumbnail) - Graphic 11" x 14"


LET IT SNOW - Mix Media - 11" x 14" - This little sketch was done back in 2000. Please don't think of the snowman having a gruesome day , he is actually PLAYING in the snow!


- THE RED SCARF (Thumbnail) - Mix Media 8" x 12" - I drew on this piece from attending a carribean festival in the park in Nashville. She was a beautiful female with pearly white teeth, in ethnic white garb and a truly RED scarf. I had to use her in some semblance of art.


- WALKING ON THE BEACH (Thumbnail)- Mixed Media 9" x 12" - This is a "self-DISTORTED-portrait" of YOURS TRULY at Perdido Beach in 2004. More drawings/paintings to follow of my visit there.


- INNOCENT DREAMS (Thumbnail) - Mix Media - 11" x 17" - No dreams are more innocent than those of a child while sleeping. All of us can remember the days of curling up, snuggling, and drifting off into a land of sugar plums, fairy tales and rainbows.


SHIRLEY'S FLOWER POT (Thumbnail) - PENCIL - 5" x 7" (Overylay in a wooded black box). This drawing was done in pencil while I was visiting my good friend in Chicago back in 2001 or 2002. This plant was sitting on a table directly in front of me - I begin to sketch. She was away at the time and little does she know I ever drew it. It is the overlay in the top of a wooden black box which slides across to reveal a base for storage precious items. Happy to say she will know soon as I am sending it to her after these many years as a holiday gift. I hope she enjoys it and that it will a special treasure for her.


- SPOKEANE PARK (Thumbnail) - Graphic 8" x 12" - A beautiful park in Spokeane, Washington.
- SNOOKHAVEN (Thumbnail) - Graphic 8" x 12" - That little joint off the beaten path during winter time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


AMANI (Thumbnail) - Graphic - 8" x 10" - True title of this drawing is "Amani Pendo." The name was bestowed by an male Nigeria dissent - then a medical student in the U.S. "Amani" = "Peace" and "Pendo" = "Love." These two words are from derived from Swahali language. "As much as we cry peace, so do we adore love." Amani Pendo is another face of.......


DUXROWW (Thumbnail) - Graphic - 8" x 12" - Ducks in a row - Just a little play on words. Again all drawings/paintings will be linked so that a larger
version may be viewed. These drawings and paintings are copyrighted.

Black Rose

- BLACK ROSE (Thumbnail) - Graphic - 11" x 17" - Graphic - "A rose (Black) is a Rose is a Rose." The many colors of a rose denotes so many feelings - Red, Yellow, Pink and White. Somewhere in the midst of the ever growing list of hybrids, there has to be a velvet BLACK ROSE. I have to think so!

A Stroll

A STROLL (Thumbnail)- Watercolor Mixed Media - 16' x 20' - This was painted from an original photograph of Thailand monks - one older and one younger. It is obvious this is "A Stroll" of learning.


- HIM (Thumbnail) - My favorite photographer - Mixed Media - 16" x 20". This is a very special person to me of whom I use a lot of his photography as inspiration to create some of my own drawings/paintings. His work is surreal and presented with such clarity and vision. I am most thankful for HIM sharing his talents, experiences and being.

A Chorus Line, Chorus Line Too, Three

- These are thumbnails of three of my pieces. This is a graphic which I created from a photo taken by a photographer friend of mine of the musical -"A Chorus Line" presented in Nashville at the Boiler Room Theater in 2001. This piece is 16" x 20" piece. At some point, I will post the link so that all of the artwork can be seen in a larger format.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

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My Favorite Art/Artist Links

Georgia OKeeffe
Pablo Picasso and happy to say I have a reprint of the Blue Nude. I also have a print by Picasso entitled "The Friend" - a supposed Paris reprint - 1960. I found in an old antique store in Knoxville about 8 or 9 years ago. Still trying to find out info since it is a Paris reprint. I've looked for it on web sites but not found yet. Anyone with info, please advise.

Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Francisco de Goya, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, Brembrandt van Rijn, Andy Warhol

Several new drawings/paintings to be posted

Have several to post. Hope to have them up and viewable within the next two days. Trying to verify format so that I may share. Please note all drawings/artwork are my own and copyrighted. Thanks kindly~~

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"Decisions" - Graphic and WATERCOLORS

A graphic piece entitled "Decisions" - Was in a pondering mode in an attempt to decide which pieces of watercolor artwork I was going to display at an artshow. From the mirror you can see artwork on the wall. It is me there on the floor. This graphic hits close to home as I do this quite often in my "Decisions". The actual paintings on the floor are real WATERCOLOR mediums which I painted and were exhibited in an artshow.

Faces of Me - A Collage

I was thinking about my many FACES in appearance but in art the various aspects of what I see and feel. ART transends so many facets - I've got to be a left brain thinker. When looking at colors, I can actually stroke them as if they are entities -my COLLAGE.

Monday, October 10, 2005

October 2005

Got some photos finally of some my artwork to post and some other little ditties that I'm working on. Most of these will be behind glass and not the best in clarity but then again, that's good, as it is in someway a protection for me. ;-)

Will post these later this evening!

Live Life to the Fullest!!!